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About Aladdin Social, Inc.
Aladdin Social Network is Halal Social Media..

About Aladdin Social

Aladdin.Social's services
Aladdin.Social is holy or Halal social media. This is a spritual and optimistic company that aims to enrich the people of the world by Paying the money using our social and to enfold every human on the planet into It's wonderful global community. Our mission is to unite humanity and thereby bring about world peace.Our main perpose is to bring about the world community closer by providing advanced quality and a modern services. We would like to give the power the people to build up the community and stand by the side of the helpless and hopeless people. To do that we provide an awesome range of cool online services that ensure you never, ever get bored.This is charming and majical social media which gives you the holy entertainment. We provide bellow services.

1.You can get a new experience by using our social media than others: post,story,advertisements,and other article which you see in news feed or you follow the pages,our vedeo platforms and other characteristics such as Trending, Marketplaces and search. Our goal is to let you use our informations to personalize your experience in Aladdin.Social.

2. We help you to find out those groups, Businesses, and organisations in Aladdin.Social which is important to you.

3. Aladdin. Social allows you express yourself and your important things.You can update your status, upload your photos, share vedeos and chat.Our social let you to send massages to your friends.You can create page or add content in your profile.

4.Aladdin.Social shows advertisements, offers and other sponsored content to help to find out the services given by many businessmen and organisations, users of the products. Our partners pay us to see their contents .

Only if people think Aladdin. Social is safe,they will make community here.That is why Aladdin. Social employs a skilled team to protect our community and our products from all types of harmful behaviors and to prevent abuse our products and to save and support at any situations in the whole world.